Monday, March 02, 2015

ShadowIcon-Smoke and Mirrors


Active since 2006, with the well-received "Empire in Ruins" LP having preceded this EP by several years, ShadowIcon is a six piece symphonic power metal/melodic metal fronted by the incredible lovely Ana Prijatelj Pelhan. With a angelic voice to match her outward beauty (see pic right below!) this fabulous (and dare I say enticing?) lead singer is nothing short of captivating in the video for this EP's lead single, If I Was the One.

Surrounded by expertly-skilled& highly-metalized bandmates, with keyboardist Peter Smrdel (Divine Illusion) providing a certain amount of stylized energy (by way of not just keys, but smooth synth passages!) to what could otherwise be view as a mash-up of melodic metal and European power metal, Ana Prijatelj Pelhan works equally well whether on her own either or when she is joined by someone like Helloween’s Sascha Gerstner on the (power rocking!!!!) opening track, "(Now I See) Through A Mirror Darkly". That particular duet is both powerful and poetic and with the rest of her band (guitarists Tomaž Lovšin and Bojan Kostanjšek, bassist Matej Ravšelj, the aforementioned Peter Smrdel and drummer Žiga Ravšelj) in fine form the track in question becomes arguably this EP's heaviest moment. At just shy of the four minute mark both "If I Was the One" and the lead single's follow-up number, "The Edge", almost come across as pop material dressed up in heavy metal clothing. Given the charming appeal of these warm and comforting pieces it's easy enough to find yourself lost with lush arrangements giving way to guitar-driven hard rock. Meanwhile we have the fantastic (hard & heavy) ballad "The Beauty Of A Rose" and if you hadn't found yourself head over heels in love with Ana before hand then this nearly five minute gem will likely be the moment to finally break your will power once and for all! With the haunting "My Plea" and "(Now I See) Through a Mirror Darkly (Reprise)" ending this EP on a high note this Slovenia-based six-piece is on the path to something quite special. Mixed and mastered by Charlie Bauerfield and Thomas Geiger (Helloween, Blind Guardian), "Smoke and Mirrors" comes with my highest recommendation! With a re-release* of sorts planned for March 16th (the band will be releasing a 2CD version off this sharp-dressed EP with the second CD due to feature instrumental versions of the tracks 1-5 so for all you karaoke fans out there!) this EP should enthusiastically be scooped up fans of symphonic/power metal and/or female-fronted metal. Between the talent and the look of ShadowIcon one could easily envision this band catapulting over the competition before long with world conquest all but resting in the hands of the right PR with the right marketing. It's too bad that there isn't a stock market set up for acquiring "shares" in bands as an early invested in ShadowIcon could have you set for life!    

*The Metal Archives makes mention of this EP original coming out on December 15th, 2014.   

For more information on ShadowIcon be sure to check out their Facebook page or their official site.

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To all you douchebags and rednecks that call yourselves “metal fans”: there’s a whole world of metal sub-genres out there. And yes, they are all called “metal”. I for example love Pantera and Sepultura and Kreator and stuff which means that I am not a fan of symphonic/power metal. But that does not mean that I despise it. Quite the opposite I respect it. To each his own. So in short all those negative comments posted by people clearly with an IQ of below 10 – go out and plow your fields (I apologise to the farmers for this analogy in advance – no disrespect meant). Ave!

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