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Minotauro Records

Well, well, well what do we have here? Is it really you Defyance? Apparently so. Yes, it's the same Defyance that was covered here, here and here. And now they are back with their forth full-length album in "Reincarnation"! For Defyance (a U.S. progressive metal/power metal whose roots can be traced all the way back in time to 1989!) the title of their upcoming release on Minotauro Records could not be any more accurate if they tried! "Reincarnation" is a spot-on title as the sound here reflects a band that has been reborn while A) Retaining everything that made them so fantastic to begin with (the fact is the style and substance of this Iowa-based band has never been called into question!) and B) Evolving to the next great plain of existence! And as a reborn act they have the majestic quality of a newborn. They have that extra sparkle that comes from experiencing a new life form for the first time. "Reincarnation" is the past and present colliding together and it is (simply put) great. Well, not just "great". It's more like Tony the Tiger "GREAT!!!!" but with an extra helping of sugar heaped on in the form of two bonus covers! Those who be Fifth Angel's "Wins Of Destiny" and Riot's "Sign Of The Crimson Storm" and as a fan of all three of these bands (Riot, Fifth Angel and Defyance!) all I can say is "Wow"! It's something special how album number four for a band such as Defyance rolls out bone-snapping winners like the one-two punch that is opener "High Ground" and the LP's second track, "Rangers Lead The Way", while balancing out the back end of "Reincarnation" with the two smashing cover choices! Between the sheets you're likely to discover gems like the slow rocker "Devil Dogs" and the emotional "Deeds Not Words". Even if I can't quite put my finger on what makes "Reincarnation" so wicked to begin with (Is it the material on hand or the way in which it's delivered? Is it the band members themselves (as individual standouts) or is the way these four emerge as a collective? Or is it simply a case of all of the above and then some?) the end result is always the same. "Reincarnation" just rocks! The classy nature of a number like "Love Honor More" mixes so well with the classical structure of "From The Ashes" that you can't help but feel as if this release was custom crafted by some mystical force. The individual songs pack plenty of punch as "singles" while the album as a whole flows effortlessly from the speakers and into your eardrums where they are gobbled up in glorious delight! From the same four original (read: AWESOME!) band members that gave us the great "Time Lost" we are treated to one of 2015's best power metal releases and it doesn't get any better than this! Maybe we should just stop the competition this year and just award this four-piece the title already? Frankly, this one's going to be hard to top my friends. Unfortunately though it looks as if most of you will be waiting until spring time to find that out. At least that time frame is the last I heard for this album's release date, but it will be well worth the wait. All eight of the new numbers are near perfect in form and execution with the two aforementioned cover songs nicely rounded out by a original demo version of "Passing Of The Night". Said number original appeared on the group's 2002 effort, "Transitional Form", and the rougher version presented here easily fits the overall feeling of Defyance's latest work. Quite obviously I highly recommend  the album "Reincarnation" with the though process that this CD should really appeal to all fan's of U.S. power metal as well as our readers out here in cyberspace that just love high-quality progressive power metal! For updates on this release be sure to follow Minotauro Records online here and be sure to bookmark their official site right here.

*Album artwork presented here may or may not reflect end product.

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