Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Night Demon-Curse Of The Damned

Century Media Records

"Curse Of the Damned" is the long-awaited debut album from Ventura, California's Night Demon. Following in the footsteps of the phenomenal Night Demon this recently-released full-length LP is also the soundtrack to the non-motion-picture graphic novel "Blood Sacrifice". At least that is what the booklet reports. "Soundtrack" or not this 47-minute plus CD (which I am listening to as we speak with the aptly-title anthem "Heavy Metal Heat" just killing it!) is an absolute stone cold-sensation from killer opener "Screams In The Night" (a rocket-fueled speed metal number that beautifully rips your head off!) through album closer (and "bonus track") "Road Racin'". Everything that there was to love about the group's independently-released 2012 EP "Night Demon" has been modified and amplified here on this 12-track CD with the wide-open range of influences sure to appeal to anyone and everyone claiming to be a heavy metal maniac! On Night Demon's first album (available on CD as well as LP friends!) lead vocalist/bassist Jarvis Leatherby channels a young Sean Harris (Diamond Head) while his bandmates (guitarist Brent Woodward and drummer Dustin Squires) help navigate "Curse Of The Damned" through wave after wave of N.W.O.B.H.M-inspired & influenced numbers with the likes of Iron Maiden, Saxon and Judas Priest resting comfortably next to bands such as Angel Witch, Satan, Jaguar, U.F.O., (early) Demon, Grim Reaper and the aforementioned Diamond Head! That said, it's not just the N.W.O.B.H.M. movement that gives this album such a bright glow as influences such as Dokken, Motörhead, Kiss, Riot, Black Sabbath, Metallica and even Budgie squirm their way into the mix making "Curse Of the Damned" a must-own! Naming just one or two fave numbers would be a near impossible task when it comes to a release like this one as there is really no dub to be had and whether we are talking about the title track (80's metal anyone?) or a number like "Save Me Now" (more magical 80's metal that features sort of spooky guest keyboards from one Owen Bucey) you simply can't go wrong! Heavy rock and roller "Satan" actually reminds me of the band Satan only with some (again early) Demon tossed in for good measure while "Full Speed Ahead" plays like a time-honored/"We're your biggest fans guys and we're not afraid to show it!" tribute to N.W.O.B.H.M. heroes Diamond Head! Yes, "Full Speed Ahead" does dip into the likes of Maiden and Priest, but it's Diamond Head all the same (as if there is anything wrong with that!). Black Sabbath is somewhat mirrored in the epic metal track "The Howling Man" and on "Run For Your Life" (a sweet as can be speed-rocker with fantastic gang vocals from Blade Killer members Jonathan Rubio and Carlos Gutierrez!) we're treated to some faint hints of what could just be "Kill Em All" days Metallica! And yet despite all of these influences a band like Night Demon sounds remarkably like no one other than Night Demon. All of these different influences simply blend together like the perfect after-dinner cocktail with the sweet taste of  "Mastermind", "Killer" and "Heavy Metal Heart" not once disguising the higher-than-average alcohol content of this "Drink it up lads as if there is no tomorrow!" intoxicating party-pleasure! There are no after-affects with this mix though! I mean other than the fact that you might find some of these songs stuck in your head even days later! Theirs is the sound of sincere, honest-to-goodness true/traditional heavy metal and just like 1999-era Lex Luger it is "The Total Package"! Catchy, hook-heavy and highly enjoyable/addictive heavy metal like this has few equals and just going by a memorable number like "Run For Your Life" this debut album has hit release written all over it! Anytime you come to the party this prepared you know that there is nowhere to go but up so predicting big things for the trio Night Demon isn't rocket science! No bones about it these guys will be huge soon enough so now is the best time to join in on the festivities! You can find these guys online at their Facebook page here
or at their official site here. As far as picking up a copy of "Curse Of the Damned" for yourself goes either check out their webpage or head to places like Amazon or Ebay. Rightly so this album is everywhere
so there is no good or justifiable reason why you shouldn't own a copy of this A+ masterpiece by weeks end!

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