Thursday, May 09, 2013

Night Demon-Night Demon E.P.

CD version to be released on Shadow Kingdom Records
7" vinyl version to be released on Reinig Records
Cassette version to be released on 7th Pact Records (Germany)

This was the last of 3 demo/self-release EPs that I scooped up from my friend's over at the Rare and Obscure Metal Archives (  ) and it's a dozy! This 3-piece act hails from Ventura, CA and, with bassist/vocalist Jarvis Leatherby leading the pack, play true metal that perfectly blends traditional heavy metal and the spirit of the N.W.O.B.H.M. movement! Formed in 2011, and joined by the pair of guitarist Brent Woodward (Sumerian Axe, The Fucking Wrath, Sutratma) and drummer John Crerar (The Fucking Wrath, Stop Breathing, The Missing 23rd) this vocalist/bassist makes cuts like "The Chalice" and "Ritual" sound like long lost gems of classic heavy metal. From what I've read online this is actually Leatherby's first band which makes his strong vocal performance all the better. Of the 3 acts I've covered from Strappado's site this week by far Night Demon has the best sound going for them. "Night Demon" and "Ancient Evil", this EP's other two tracks, showcase the legit skills of three three musicians and it's hardly a surprise to see them getting signed to a label like Shadow Kingdom Records for a proper CD release. While all four tracks are really impressive (you'd almost swear this band was another lost gem of the eighties!) my favorites were "The Chalice" and "Ritual". These 2 cuts are really good. As far as pinpointing a sound for these 3 I actually find myself at a loss. Sure, it's a fairly even mixture of N.W.O.B.H.M. and classic/traditional, but beyond that Night Demon offer a sweet sound that is catchy and original. Frankly it's just cool heavy metal all around and I myself will be looking to pick up one hard copy or another down the line. Find out more below.

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Fantastic band..

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