Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Storm Warning-Storm Warning (Demo)

Swords & Chains Records

My friend Strappado posted information on Storm Warning's debut demo on his site: http://strappadometalblog.blogspot.com/  and, true to his word, this demo features true heavy metal in the vein of Gotham City, Saxon and Midnight Priest! There's some of the other usual hallmarks of a band like this (Iron Maiden and Judas Priest love) and, what I believe to be (if my ears aren't playing tricks on me), Grim Reaper, Witch Cross, Angel Witch and Demon traits as well! All around, as Strappado foretold, this is TRUE METAL boys and girls. It appears that the band released this demo on CD-R initially (in 2012 no less!) before choosing to issue a limited-edition cassette on Sword & Chains Records. Why not? Considering how much this sounds like a golden oldie from the days of old (or if you will back when cassettes ruled the earth) it makes sense to unleash this on the public in plastic form! Limited to a mere 100 yellow copies, and now at least one less cassette as I bought my copy yesterday I believe, it features 2 live bonus tracks that weren't available when the band original released the CD-R version of the demo. The 2 live cuts are, beautifully, more raw and showcase a band that excels in a live setting. Unfortunately that live setting is most likely on the other side of the pound as this old-school heavy metal act hails from Germany. With Johnny Topside on leads vocals the band is rounded out by  guitarists Andy N. and Tim H., bassist Jacky J. and drummer Freddi G. Why it's only Johnny, and his wonderfully raw & real vocals, that is the only one allowed to give their full last name I'm not quite sure, but it's all good and this 5-piece band has a nice 5-track demo on their hands here. You can find out more at Swords & Chains Records or Heavy Merch!. Also, be sure to follow Swords & Chains at their Facebook for updates http://www.facebook.com/swordsandchainsrecords on future releases.Want to listen before you buy this fun little demo of throw-back, eighties-inspired heavy metal? Of course you do! Then click on that link below my friends! And as always live loud and proud my friends!


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