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Twintera, having formed in 2005, started life out as a garage band. "Lines", despite album art that might suggest a potential prog rock LP lying in waiting, is the group's 11-track ode to straight-up, no chaser, heavy metal. Well, there is a bit more to this one then just your routine 9-5 heavy metal, but we'll get to that in a moment or two. Either way this is one of those rare gems where it it goes to show how, with some hard work, dedication and good fortune, a band can go from being garage rockers to heavy metal heroes! Prior to this full-length debut album Twintera, who hail from Verona, Veneto (Italy), released the well-received "Demotion" EP in 2009. How well-received was it? Well, it won Metal Hammer's June 2012 "demo of the month" award which is really significant if you stop to consider just how many demos find their way into the hands of that magazine's staff. And since Metal Hammer is the real ONLY metal magazine left these days (or rather the only one I'd consider worth a damn!) that's peaked my desire to track down that 5-track EP. In addition to that album's noteworthy praise the band was able to promote the release of it through live shows with acts such as Vision Divine, Evergrey (whose guitarist/vocalist, Tom S. Englund, guests on the track "Oversight"), White Skull, Trick or Treat and Crematory. Here and now though we're here to talk about "Lines" and what makes it sound so smooth and sexy. Sexy? What? Well, we are talking about a band that takes the early appeal of such girl-loving/hair-metal bands such as Mötley Crüe, Skid Row and Ratt (you know the kinds of bands that made all the girls with the puffed up hair all quivery back in the day!) and adds in ass-kicking inspirations from such bands as Pantera, Megadeth and Metallica. Toss the mix up with a band that isn't afraid to acknowledge their loyalty towards rock (they cover Survivor's "Burning Heart" which was also on the soundtrack for "Rocky IV") and you've got one epic group on your hands! So, maybe "sexy" isn't quite the word to use, but from a marketing standpoint this group has all the right tools to appeal to fans of both Poison (vocalist Fabio Merzi sounds as if he could have almost fronted an L.A. glam band back in the day !) and Armored Saint! With a pair of guitarists (Simone Zanoni and Al Pia) who know how to get things done properly (there's great win guitar leads on this LP) and the chilling effects of bassist Stefano Fava and drummer Massimo Bellamoli  (a real lethal pair) "Lines" becomes an album that is easy to get addicted to. This Italian 5-piece has another winner on their hands with "Lines" and this 11-track release comes with my personal recommendation for those into creative heavy metal that is honest, real and played with sincere conviction!Find out more at the band's Facebook page below.

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