Monday, April 29, 2013

Silentlie-Blood Under Snow


As they so often say "don't judge a book by it's cover". The artwork of "Blood Under Snow" might be one of those cases where I get lost wondering about the who/what/where and why (especially as it gives off this bad black metal vibe), but the music hidden inside this 5-track EP, which is a simplistic and yet charming blend of gothic rock and dark/traditional heavy metal, is anything but a head scratcher. Hailing from Trieste, Friuli-Venezia Giulia we find this Italian band who, after having been formed in 2008 by lead singer Giorgia Sacco Taz and guitarist Luigi Pressacco, found quite the positive reception to their first recording. That release, the demo EP "Behind My Face", had one song that ended up on two different compilations and another that was used in a movie soundtrack. "Silence Of Your Mind" ended up appearing on two compilations :"The Funeral Vol. 2" (272 Records) and "Maximum Rock Attack" (for the magazine Maximum Rock) while the demo's one other track, "River Of Torments", was used on the soundtrack for the movie "Blood Sisters". Listening to this band's new debut-EP, which was recorded and mixed at Palo Alto Studios (Trieste) and mastered at Finnvox Studios (Hesinki, Finland), was a pleasure seeing as SilentLie never over-think the process or become too fancy for their own good. David Sportiello, who was the founder of SinHeresy, handles bass and keyboard duties while Andrew Piergianni (formerly of Fuel From Hell) sits behind the drum kit. Together the pair allow Giorgia and Luigi to create atmospheric heavy rock/dark metal. In fact it's partly Giorgia, whose voice is as striking as she is, that helps SilentLie perfectly balance a style that should be equally appealing to goth rock and dark metal fans. That is not necessarily an easy task, but while Giorgia pulls the listener in with her haunting voice the rest of the band is busy keeping a steady eye on the fact that they can be all things to all people while truly forging their own identity. Kudos to them for crafting such an intriguing sound that is light on the ears and yet deeper then it might lead listeners to at first believe. And, because I truly believe that we can never have enough good female-fronted rock/metal bands, I'll be rooting for this young band from Italy to find greater success.Find out more from the band's Facebook page below.

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