Thursday, April 25, 2013

Brujas del Sol- Moonliner

Devouter Records

And now for something completely different. Spaced-out, surf-infused, psychedelic drone anyone? Brujas del Sol are the sound of a band born out of improvisation and imagination. "Moonliner" doesn't really remind me of anyone or anything as it's like this crashing wave of fuzzy psychedelic garage rock wrecking glorious havoc on a collation of ambient, drone-loving hipsters while a bunch of old hippies have a sit in where "everyone  must get stoned!". Oddly weird and yet rather refreshing. This one must be heard to be appreciated and absorbed, but I can say/will say that this release, as odd as this sounds, sounds like home to me. And yes, I am looking for home these days so thank you "Moonliner" for providing a map.

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