Monday, April 15, 2013

At No End-From The Rust


It's been a long time since we last heard from Cleveland's At No End. Or at least when it comes to studio recordings. The group's last recording was back in 2010 ("Urban Holocaust") so that means fans had to wait three years for At No End's third album! Is it worth the wait? Read on to find out. First though let's have a little history lesson on this Ohio 4-piece. The band was formed back in 2004 and, following a 5-track demo recording that same year, the band unleashed "Building the Rebellion" in 2006. It would be four years before the band released their sophomore recording, "Urban Holocaust" (link to review below), so it does look as if there is a trend established of waiting a few years between recordings. While I have yet to hear the band's debut-album I'll just say that the wait time in-between "Urban Holocaust" and "From The Rust" was definitely worth it! The fact is this new 13-track affair is a marked improvement from "Urban Holocaust". Not only does the band sound tighter and more mature, but more confident as well. While "Urban Holocaust" had it's own intensity, thanks in no small part to it's assault of backstreet hardcore rage, the band's new record is not only intense (and make no mistake it is intense!!!!), but downright intimidating! Tracks like "Venomous Blood" and "Despised" are hate--fueled slabs of anger that take the band's hardcore roots (think Cro-Mags and Sick Of It All) and adds more of a Pantera-like metal edge. In fact the last time we heard from Ohio's At No End they were certainly more hardcore then anything and it's actually the addition of more "metal" that makes "From The Rust" work so well. Well, that and the fact that the same group of guys that recorded "Urban Holocaust" recorded this new album. Stable line-ups make for consistency. Consistency makes for better material and better albums. Lead by Jack Sabolich, who sounds like a pit bull on the mic, the band rips through cuts like "Whorer" and "Despised" like their yielding razors! Tommy Packard's guitar work is much stronger on tracks like "Carcasses Of War" and "Serial" and Kenny Easterly (drums) and Don Forrester (bass)* have solidified into a truly formidable rhythm section. Whether it's the slow build up of "One Blood" (which reminds me a lot of old-school hardcore) or the shredder "Leave Me Alone" the pair keeps things flowing smoothly. Well, as "smoothly" as you'll get on hardcore thrashers like "Blindside" and "From The Rust"! By the time "World Ablaze" closes things out you feel like you've been in a brutal fist-fist and that's exactly what makes for a good hardcore/metal band. The sound At No End conveys is crossover with more of an Exhorder backbone making "From The Rust" a must have for those who like street metal and urban hardcore. The album is available for download on Amazon (where you can also pick up a hard copy) and iTunes and, just a heads up so you can be fully warned ahead of time, "From The Rust" features explicit lyrics as it takes a very realistic look at the decaying world we live in! Find out more on the band's Facebook page.

* Correction it is Jason Chamberlain who handles bass on the new album. I must give proper credit where credit is due!

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