Monday, April 15, 2013

Mistress-Heavy Mental


Not to be confused with the various other bands known as Mistress, as there are certainly more then the hand-full of ones listed at the Metal Archives, this particular band hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with "Heavy Mental" (clever title!) being their sophomore release. Formed in 2002, and featuring a vocalist who sounds like she could be the sister of Dave Mustaine, the band's first release was "Brains and Bruises" and, it's worth mentioning I suppose, they are also known as "The Mistress". While the Metal Archives shows a picture of a full band this release features only 3 musicians. You've got vocalist Deanna Gardas, guitarist/bassist Mita Khrichenko (who writes most of the lyrics and music) and session drummer "Grom" (otherwise known as Diego Meraviglia). The band plays a blend of heavy metal and speed metal that comes across as a more hard rock oriented Megadeth (although I am reminded of the band Huntress as well on a few tracks). It's all rather well-played (the leads are really good) and you'd be hard pressed to guess that this was more of a "studio" band then a full-fledged outlet. With 10 tracks, and nearly 60 minutes of playing time, there's only one real dud to be found on "Heavy Mental". Other then the bland "Unloved" this is a splendid way to get some new heavy metal for the week ahead. As this is a "name your price" digital album you've got nothing to lose in checking it out.

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