Monday, April 08, 2013

Suicidal Tendencies-13

Suicidal Records

Despite it's title "13" is actually the band's ninth full-length studio album. That said, it does have 13 tracks, is the band's first new album in 13 years (of new material-the last one was the 2000 album, "Free Your Soul and Save My Mind") and was released in 2013 so....well, it is what it is. "13" is also the first "new" Suicidal Tendencies album I've bought since 1990's "Lights...Camera...Revolution!" (although I have since that time filled in my collection with odds and ends albums when I see them at a reasonable enough price). Why did I buy it? Part of it was that I was compelled to pick it up when I saw it in the display case at one of my local record store haunts and the other was that I had heard that this one was a return to the old "Suicidal Sound" (whatever that might be!). With Mike Muir pretty much the only original member of this band left I was not expecting a lot, but it's better then I thought it would be. I should mention as well that I had swapped out some old CDs of mine as a trade as I found a box of odds and ends while cleaning the one day. So, on to the album and, with Mike Clark gone from the band (he does play on 4 of the albums 13 tracks though), the lead guitar spot is filled in by Dean Pleasants. Of course Dean is no stranger to Mike Muir as he plays in Infectious Grooves. On "13" his leads are really solid and he lays down some nice thrash riffs on occasion. Together with Mike Muir, who still sounds good on tape when it comes to "13", the two of them make a deadly combination. Unfortunately "13" doesn't explode everything around it. It has it's moments when it truly threatens to blow your mind, but it never gos all the way. The band chucks in funk and some grooves and even recalls their early punk/hardcore/crossover days. But is it a return to their prime? For me the answer was no. That said it is a catchy album and hella fun to play loud! It's great background music and will keep your attention even if it does make you miss those early albums. Oh, and at least it's WAY better then Infectious Grooves in my mind. I would take this any day of the week next to that band! If this is the sign of things to come out of Mike Muir and company then there is reason to have hope. Of course that is if the band can manage to put out another album in under 10 years!

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