Friday, April 05, 2013

What's going on...(no, not the Marvin Gaye song!)

After taking some time away from the blog, as I had only posted occasional reviews, I had hoped to return to a more "permanent" pace. Sadly that idea went up in smoke as my left ear was leveled with a horrible middle-ear infection. It actually felt something like this picture! As I am more or less (more really) deaf in my right ear this made listening to any albums fairly impossible. While I have an appointment with a ear/nose/throat doctor next week for the time being at least I can still listen to my favorite music just not with headphones on or very loud! Another side-effect of the ear infection was fatigue and various other "icky feelings" (I know, that is a very scientific  description of my illnesses!) so even if I've been able to listen to albums my strength has been zapped. As many of you know I am 4+ years post-kidney transplant and my anti-rejection drugs leave with almost no immune system. So, when I get sick, I get SICK! Why share all of this? Well, assuming my hearing returns to it's "normal" self, and I shake off this latest cold, I do hope to pick up the pace here at HMTM and do a ton more reviews! Right now I've got the latest Suicidal Tendencies album waiting to be reviewed with new albums by Sodom, deMOTIONAL, Atrocity and Pretty Maids waiting in the background. Also, as soon as I wrap up a few lose ends (details wise), I hope to have some breaking news about a cult band that is alive again and kicking! So, stay tuned and, if you happen to be by a wishing well or something, do me a solid and send some good vibes my way. Things are hard enough now that I have two teenagers to look after solo, but when I'm sick like this it makes everything a billion times harder!


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get well soon

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