Friday, March 22, 2013

Sein Zum Tode-Beeep!

Fork & Spoon Records

Where oh where do I begin with this one? What do you suppose this would sound like if you were to only go by the album's art? Chances are that even the weirdest thing you could envision wouldn't even begin to compare with this odd concoction. We have stumbled upon a creature of mysterious origins if you will.Where's our good friend, Mr. Cryptozoology himself, Loren Coleman when we need him? For the record we have here in front of us (figuratively folks!) a Columbia, South Carolina record-label releasing the debut-recording from a Columbia, South Carolina act by the name of Sein Zum Tode. Other then this album and the band's birthplace/habitat I've got nothing to go by when it comes to this wild one. The easiest description would probably be "Avant-garde extreme heavy metal", but folks, listen, that doesn't even begin to cover this one. Trust me, Frank Zappa has got nothing on this trio! "Beeep!", which is 11-tracks in all, was mastered by Colin Marston (Behold the Arctopus, Krallice, Dysrhythmia) and sounds unlike NOTHING I've ever heard. These guys are weirdos in the truest form of the word! Imagine if you will you have one bus filled with Primus, Frank Zappa, Butthole Surfers, Fantômas and Mr. Bungle speeding down the highway at 100 MPH. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a garage, Black-Sabbath loving, death metal band hits them head on! It's a bloody mess of course and the only option on the table is to have some monkeys (who are freaked out on LSD!) put all the pieces back together with the help of a Speak and Spell that's being haunted by the ghost of Vincent van Gogh! That is about how you can sum up the trio that is called Sein Zum Tode. Below I've provided a link to their song "Worse Than Catholic" which, incidentally, is chillingly one of the more normal "songs" on "Beeep!". One last word before we go. I'd like to give a shout out to Fork and Spoon Records. It's not easy to be an up and coming independent record label. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication with the outcome often being a case of barely breaking even. Fork & Spoon Records, which was formed in 2010 by a few friends, saw a need and filled it. They obviously believe in the bands they've signed and have made an effort to do right by everyone involved. Kudos for that. The label "strives to maintain a community mentality. It is our desire to continue our family-like relationship with all whom we collaborate." Sounds good to me. Of course every family has that one odd relative whose really off their rocker (ie: flat out bonkers!) so I suspect Sein Zum Tode are like the crazy uncle we all know and love! Find out more below!

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