Monday, March 18, 2013

Intöxicated-Rock N Roll Hellpatrol

Hells Headbangers

Was it the name? Was it the album art? Or was it the part about how this German band is "fueled by sex, drinks, and Satan"? Really, you could say that all of that helped to peak my interest. Granted, I also happened to see that the band closes out their 9-track debut album with a cover of Motörhead's "The Chase Is Better Then The Catch". That's a good selling point as well (at least for me). As I played "Rock N Roll Hellpatrol", I did some digging around online to find out who exactly Intöxicated was (as the promo doesn't give a lot of information). Their Reverbnation page says that they were "Spawned in 2009 from the alcoholic Abyss" and that the band plays "speed fucking Metal to the bones". Meanwhile the Metal Archives was a bit more help. The band was formed in 2009 and, prior to this 9-track debut-album, the group released/raised hell with a pair of demos. The band is made up of guitarist El Ranchö (Teme), bass player Speedy (Kaktus), drummer Schötti (ÄC) and vocalist Löuie (Maldoror). Only Löuie seems to have any previous band experience (per the Metal Archives) as he is an ex-member of Forgotten Forrest and also plays in Demonancy (who are "on hold"), both of which are black metal outfits. So, that about covers the band and their history. From the Reverbnation description it would be understandable if you'd thought of Tankard (early Tankard like "Zombie Attack" is a good fit), but the reality though is that, in addition to the obvious Motörhead love on display here, here's a band that is pieces/parts of Broken Bones, The Exploited, Metallica (circa "Kill Em' All"), Discharge, Razor, Carnivore, and Bulldozer. Being a German band and all there is a touch of early Sodom on this album as well. Then again there is some early Venom ("Welcome To Hell") love to be found as well. So, I think you can get a general idea about what these four aim for with their sloppy and raw biker thrash. Cuts like "Metal Porno Slut" and "Sex Drinks Satan" (which by the way starts off with a rather cool sample of I believe Vincent Price!) are fairly obvious as far as lyrical content goes. It's all so much fun though as you thrash yourself through "Crush Your Local Disco" "Lock Up Your Daughters", and "Break Your Limits". What's more I could just hear a track like "Slutanic Speed Metal" tearing up the top 40 LOL! All in all Intöxicated's debut-album is just cool dirty rock and roll/speed metal without any pretentious crap or worry that they are not being PC enough. It's very eighties in that regard, but there was a lot to love about that time period and there is a lot to love about Intöxicated. Let's just hope that they don't crash and burn before unleashing a couple of more albums!

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