Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The New Black-III-Cut Loose

AFM Records

It was almost one year ago when I reviewed The New Black's "II-Better In Black". After reading back over my notes for that review it jogged my memory and I recalled how I thought these guys, who were formed back in 2009, sounded a lot like Black Label Society (with a few exceptions). I'd say not so much on "III-Cut loose". These Germans are starting to forge their own unique sound. It still falls into that same kind of category as Black Label Society (hard rock/groove/southern rock), but lead singer Fludid and company are doing their best to take their influences and build on them. The band has shared the stage with AC/DC, Volbeat, Alter Bridge and Black Label Society and, with the addition of Motörhead, you could safety argue that about sums up what The New Black aims for. The band, which is filled out by guitarists Christof Leim and Fabian Schwarz, bassist Günt Auschrat and drummer Chris Weiß, does shake things up on occasion. The title is a perfect example. This harmonica-rocker is just flat-out fun. The New Black seems to be learning that it pays to keep things interesting. Of course these guys do excel at simply rocking out so if you're a fan of their southern-fried hard rock have no fear as there is plenty to keep you satisfied. "Not Quite That Simple" just kills it as does the opener, "Innocence & Time". These Germans know who their core fan base is so, by the time the album closes with the cool "Antidote", they make sure there's plenty for fans to rock out to on "III-Cut Loose". It's not an album that's likely to suddenly put them over, but the band's sticking to what they do best while trying out a few new tricks. I give them props for that.


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