Sunday, March 03, 2013

Roger DeCarlo-Lost Horizon


When it comes to music Roger DeCarlo is a jack of all trades. With a career that has spanned some 30 years he has managed to cover a lot of ground as both a musician and song-writer. He's played everything from the well-loved, and always appreciated, classical, improv style of guitar rock to heavier stuff like thrash and death metal! That's something when you think about the extremes required to pull both off successfully. With that said it's rather obvious that he's talented. More then that I'm just going to call it as I see it (or rather hear it!) and say that it's not just that he can play well, but he's one of those talented individuals who can make a guitar speak to the listener. For that reason alone "Lost Horizon" is a damn near perfect example of how instrumental rock should sound! Some guitarists just get that while others worry more about playing overly technical rock then making an album that is enjoyable to listen to. This CD was released last December and was/is being promoted as "Joe Satriani meets Carlos Santana". That's an almost spot of description of "Lost Horizon". As Roger is both a professional musician and songwriter this instrumental album is simply sensational from start to finish. I've always been one of those people who could take or leave instrumental albums, but this is one of those releases where the overall vibe is what makes it work. The album takes hold of you firmly and never really lets up. Instead of wandering off aimlessly into overly technical solos, filled with a thousand different time changes (you know the kind of guitarists I'm talking about), Roger captivates the listener with emotional rock that is carefully assembled and perfectly executed. What could have been an exercise in patience is instead a remarkably soothing listen filled with uplifting vibes that just seem to lift you up higher and higher and higher and, well, you know what I mean! "Lost Horizon" just leaves you in a good place as it feels emotionally positive. That's not to say that Roger's skills are not up to par with some of your more common household names in the instrumental scene. Over the course of  these 9 tracks the variety offered is only matched by the way in which Roger makes his guitar speak straight to the listener's ears. "Lost Horizon" is both a instrumental album for guitar enthusiasts (considering the technical skill level involved here) and a emotional journey for the casual listener. For a guy whose career has included stops in some rather sinister sounding heavy metal bands "Lost Horizon" is also one of those albums capable of satisfying a wide range of individual tastes. Whether your personal tastes in rock tend to lean on the more mellow side of things or you prefer things to have a little more of a "punch" there's more then enough of both on Roger DeCarlo's instrumental album to satisfy both camps. It's not a heavy metal release though so be warned and if you're looking for some shred guitar playing you'd be better served to look elsewhere. But, if you're looking for some great instrumental music that offers just the right mix of guitar rock and soulful playing then "Lost Horizon" makes for the perfect soundtrack. Without question this solo-release from Roger DeCarlo is highly recommend!

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Thanks for the killer review,love it Roger Decarlo

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