Monday, February 25, 2013


Century Media Records, Elevin Sevin Music

This is the sixth studio album from Buckcherry, but only the first album I've ever reviewed from them. It's also the only album A) I've heard start to finish from this bunch and B) Bought (and that was only after streaming it over Rhapsody). So, I have a lot of firsts when it comes to Buckcherry. I decided that with this review I'd drop the need to sound all professional (Yeah, that's me LOL!) and just talk about this album from the view/stand-point of who I really am-a music fan. More then anything (Except for being a father of two teens who I adore!) I'm one of those across the board, everything from The Beatles to Napalm Death, music fans. My personal collection is large and wildly varied (INXS next to Slayer? Sure thing! Johnny Cash next to Venom? Oh yeah!) and I do this blog not because I claim to be some kind of musical genius, but because I love music! Period. What does that say (Or have to do) about "Confessions"? Am I trying to make a point or just blabbering on and on and on? Well, "Confessions" is an album for those of us who just like feel good, singing the blues, rock and roll/hard rock. I already reviewed the single "Gluttony" (Link below) and, not surprisingly, that number opens things up here. From there the party just keeps going. The band's sound is drawn from the likes of AC/DC, G N' R, Aerosmith, and L.A. Guns, but by this point it sure does sound as if Buckcherry just sounds like, well, Buckcherry. "Gluttony" is still my favorite cut, but I dig numbers like "Nothing Left But Tears",  "Lust", "The Truth", "Water" and "Seven Days to Die". With the beautiful "Dreamin' of You" closing these 13 tracks this is just one of those cool records that's easy on your ears. It also takes you back to the days when this kind of hard rock was king. Buckcherry would have easily fit in during the golden years of hair metal and glam metal, but they still come across as modern enough for today's rock radio. I like everything about this album honestly as it's a record I can just sit back and enjoy.

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