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Chosen hail from Dublin, Ireland and were formed in 2001. Since that time there's been four EPs and one demo released. There has also been line-up changes and a brief period in which the band took a breather. On "Resolution", the band's debut full-length release, there's a lot going on sound-wise for this to be just two guys. Even so the band really has been stripped down to just Paul Shields (vocals/guitars) and David McCann (drums/percussion). "Resolution", which was produced by Alwyn Walker, opens with "Engines of Disbelief". The band is offering the song as a free download and, trust me ladies and gentlemen when I say this, the rest of the album's 8 cuts are just as good as this heavy, percussion-laden, death metal thrasher.This duo takes the groove of Meshuggah and mixes if with the progressive death metal of bands like Cynic and Atheist. Speaking of Atheist, who were such an inventive band themselves, Chosen captures the listener's attention early on and easily holds it with there own take on progressive/jazz-infused death/thrash. Having the above influences, which also range on "Resolution" from Death to Nevermore, is one thing. The true mark of a veteran act is taking those influences and building your own band from the bottom up into something uniquely your own. On some level the sound of Chosen is familiar and yet, through their creative use of rhythmic drumming, progressive chord arrangements (and even acoustic passages), the music on "Resolution" is refreshingly original. The record, which I enthusiastically recommend, is quite heavy and brutal, but it's also surprising warm and inviting. There are so many different elements to these 9 tracks that I found myself returning to for repeated listens before I even sat down to do this write-up. Had Chosen released "Resolution" back in the late eighties/early nineties I have no doubt they would be held in the same high regard as bands like Atheist and Cynic. This album challenges the listener to hand themselves fully over to the music and to simply let the ride take you where it chooses. As it's being offered in several different versions fans have a few options.There is a double CD that features a 9-track bonus disc of unreleased songs, rough mixes, drum and bass tracks. These tracks were taken from the album sessions and the double CD will feature along a detailed booklet inside. Then there is also the Collectors Edition of the album that includes a beautiful 60-page, full color soft cover booklet, extensive liner notes, lyrical themes and illustrations for each song as well as rare photos, studio diaries and much more! All of that comes packaged in a exquisite tapestry of expanded album artwork courtesy of Fiaz Farrelly! Needless to say that version is a true collector's item for those who want to go all. No matter which version of this album you pick up it's the music that matters and this Irish duo has created a near perfect progressive death album!

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