Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fumigation-Integrated Pest Management

CDN Records

Fumigation came to my attention as they feature two members of Signs of Chaos.  Those two fine gentlemen, Matt MacIvor and Tom Hansen (while he plays bass in Signs of Chaos here he handles guitars alongside Matt), are joined by vocalist LP Dugal (Accursed Creation), bassist Chris Humeniuk (Remnants of a Deity) and drummer Mat Desjardins. Together these five guys play death metal with an obsession for "rats, insects and chemicals". Say what you will about this Canadian act, but both their name and overall concept are unique! Granted it's not just the name that should help this group stand out (although it would be enough!) as their take on death metal, while as toxic as the waste they use in the extermination of various "pests", is well-written and executed with extreme prejudice! Check out some of these song titles and tell me that this isn't fun! "Pediculosis (Mommy, I Have Lice)", "Don't Let The Bedbugs Bite" and my favorite, "The Lick Of Carnivorous Caterpillars" all offer up a tongue-in-cheek approach that's a fun alternative to the usually gore& guts, mutilation & murder lyrics that have become the norm in this field of extreme metal. Granted it's not likely you'll be able to make out much of anything (lyric-wise) as this is brain-stomping death metal with a vocalist straight out of the "possessed cookie monster" school of thought. Sound wise? Well, I was thinking about Cannibal Corpse and early Death getting down and dirty after bonding over a case (or 2) of Labatt Blue (I love that Canadian beer!). In other words this is early death metal in a "Let's get back to the basics guys and remember a simpler time when death metal was raw, brutal and oh so delightful!"  for the modern metal maniac. It's also a sign that real death metal, in it's purist/vilest form, still exists if you know where to look for it. In this case it's up there with our friends from the north!

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