Wednesday, February 20, 2013

High Priest of Saturn-High Priest of Saturn

Svart Records

It's taken Norwegian three piece High Priest of Saturn very little time to go from forming to releasing this, their 4-track, self-titled, debut-release. This trio came together in 2011 before issuing their 2-track demo (also self-titled) in August of the same year. Now here it is 2013 and the band's new release is due next month. Any one want to take a guess why they have found such success in such a little time? One reason is quite obvious and that is Merethe Heggse. This young woman handles bass guitar and vocals. She also handles your heart with ease thanks to her eerie vocals that are haunting in both a terrifying way and a tantalizing way. That's not to say that her band-mates guitarist Martin Sivertsen and guitarist-drummer Andreas Hagen (or guest organist Ole Kristian Malmedal for that matter!) don't contribute to the slow-paced beautiful and bewitching doom/stoner rock that is High Priest of Saturn. They both do and then some. When this Trondheim released their demo in 2011 it was obvious even back then that all three members showed a maturity far beyond their young age (at least the band's young age that is). All three members of High Priest of Saturn are extremely talented. It's simply that no one can deny or dispute the effect that Merethe Heggset's vocals has on these 4 epic tracks (they all top 9 minutes!). With her eerie voice serving as a narration of sorts the music goes about pulling you further and further in until there's no light to be found. Within the band's haunting music you'll find the occasional psychedelic groove, but let me just say (and I speak from personal experience here) that just like any trip you might decide to take the journey can be a risk. It could end up being either pleasant and care-free or a downright nightmare. High Priest of Saturn offer the listener such a trip, but it's an album that does come with a warning. Just like with any drug the music found within can be highly addictive and side-effects may vary depending on the individual!

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