Monday, February 25, 2013

Nightbitch-Chaimaker EP

Ear One Productions

As I went to listen to this 3-track EP my first thought was "Why didn't anyone tell me that Glenn Danzig had a side-project? "Chainmaker" opens up this short EP and right off the bat Chris Taylor (Kingdom of Sorrow) does his best to make this heavy metal outfit sound like a Samhain/Danzig cover band. "Disrober" rides a similar path although there's one little difference here. With it's over the top "Satan is my gym partner" lyrics it sounds more like the group went to the Cronos school of songwriting. Talk about cheese! "Into the Fire" closes things off. This Deep Purple cover is actually the one cut I enjoyed the most as it sounded like Danzig and Deep Purple getting into a head on collision and then their zombiefied corpses rising up and rocking out! As this is a side-project/love-letter to all things "doom and gloom", or as the promo put's it "sleazy 70's occult / exploitation films and plagiarized Danzig riffs", Nightbitch is more of a tongue in cheek/tribute then something to be taken dead serious. In that regard there's a certain degree of charm to these 3 tracks even if I did struggle to keep a straight face during the first two cuts.

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