Friday, April 05, 2013

Orianthi-Heaven in This Hell

Robo Records

Let's face it, "According To You", Orianthi's 2009 hit single, is as much of a blessing as a curse. For as talented a guitarist as she is (and make no doubt about it she is insanely talented!) she just may end up getting stuck with that horrible tag "One Hit Wonder". Up front I will tell you there are no "hit singles" on Orianthi's 3rd studio album. Not that it matters. "According To You" might have brought her greater fame and notice, but this one-time lead guitarist for Alice Cooper (live) is far more then just a catchy single as this new album showcases. Produced by David Stewart (best known for his work with the Eurythmics) the new album fell into my hands thanks to my local library. I love being able to hear new rock and (some) metal albums with the swipe of my library card and have actually discovered some pretty sweet music this way (I first heard Black Tide's debut-album thanks to my library!). After checking it out on a whim, as I will admit that I dug "According To You" (I also liked her "Highly Strung" song which featured Steve Vai-both of which were on her second album, "Believe"), I threw this disc in while I drove around running errands. For what it's worth the album opens strong with some nice radio rock. Sadly though the album doesn't sustain the momentum. While there is nothing wrong with her wanting to branch out into country on this album (as well as blues) the material tends to be one-dimensional in nature. As she looks to adapt to country music and the blues she needs a slightly better co-writer to help her achieve the perfect balance between technical skill and memorable music. Since I secured a copy of this album for free I didn't feel like it had to meet any particular expectations but still, for a woman who was scheduled to be Michael Jackson's lead guitarist for "This Is It" concert series, it would really be something if she could translate her skills into a lengthy solo-career filled with classic albums. As five of these songs already came out on her 2011 EP, "Fire", I'd imagine hardline fans felt a bit cheated. Either way Orianthi is still a sign that women can be powerful and in-charge without selling out to cheap expectations. For that I admire her and hopefully, with time and a tighter group of musicians backing her, she will end up a household name for other reasons then just a hit single.

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