Saturday, March 23, 2013

Axecuter-Metal Is Invincible

Infernö Records

While the cover of "Metal Is Invincible" might not inspire a lot of confidence out of curious metal fans (even though cheesy album art and heavy metal music have always made for good bedfellows-just look at Exciter!) there is a lot to appreciate out of Axecuter's full-length debut-album. Perhapes I'm getting a bit too far ahead of myself though. Who (or what) are Axecuter you might be asking. Well, the band hails from Curitiba, Paraná (Brazil) and, having formed in 2010, released their first demo, "Bangers Prevail", in 2011. The group followed up the 3-track demo with a 2-track EP called "Innocence Is Our Excuse". From there the band would move on to the meat of the matter, 2013's new album "Metal Is Invincible", and everything would be right with the world. Or is it? The album opens with the title track and, as "Metal Is Invincible" comes thrashing out of the gates like a blood-thirsty mutant zombie (you'll have to pardon me as the kids and I watched "Quarantine" last night!), things quickly accelerate into "Fist Banging Mania" territory! With 9-tracks total (one of which is the instrumental, "Destructive Blitzkrieg" and another is a choice cover, "Heavy Metal to the World", originally done by Manilla Road) this is a no-frills, plenty of thrills speed/thrash assault through and through! Speaking of that cover (which again, is just choice!) the band managed to rope in Mark "The Shark" Shelton as a guest! Of course all that does is make it even more insane! The band is lead by vocalist/guitarist Danmented (Daniel Azevedo) who, in addition to also playing with Imperious Malevolence, has previous played in Subversive, Offal, Dementia and Infernal. His lead guitar work is solid while his lead vocals are off the chart! They have an almost Cronos quality about them which works rather well considering the overall sound of this disc. The band is rounded out by drummer Baphometal and bass player T. Basstard (Tersis Zonato) who, aside from laying down some meaty bass riffs here, has played in a black metal band (Lutemkrat) and a death metal band (Offal). Together the three of them unashamedly take inspiration from the likes of Venom, Warfare, Raven, Exciter, Tank, Razor, Hydra Vein, Motörhead, Sodom, Killer, Warrant (the original German one and not those wanker "Down Boys"!) and the NWOBHM act Avenger. Another sloppy & raw speed/thrash act you say? You got it! And frankly it's fun. No, it's not brilliant (nor is it meant to be) overly technical thrash. Instead this is the kind of thrash that works best in hold-in-the wall joints where the bear is cheap and the women....well, you know the score! If you can't see beyond the goofy album art then I feel sorry for you. For within tracks like "No God, No Devil (Worship Metal!)" and "Keep on Sinning" are thrash riffs custom made for the pit and stage diving. In a world where metal gets rather boring sometimes it' good to have garage thrash on hand to brighten your day!

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