Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Divided Multitude-Feed on your Misery

Nightmare / Fireball Records

Divided Multitude are a  Norwegian "progressive metal" band that was formed back in 1995. With a pair of demos out of the way ( 1996's "Stranded" and 1997's "Tale Of Tomorrow") they found themselves signed to Sensory Records and, four years after forming, they issued their debut-album, "Inner Self". By all accounts the group's debut album fell into a sort of Dream Theater/Symphony X groove and from there the band played on.  A 2001 self-titled collection was released next (featuring several songs from "Inner Self") before the band issued a proper follow-up in the form of 2002's "Falling To Pieces". At that point the group went on hiatus while members went on to play in Triosphere, TalRusha and Wattamezz. It wouldn't be until 2010 that the band would return with "Guardian Angel" followed by the album you see before you know. As Dived Multitude are not exactly well-known to begin with I'd be really surprised if "Feed on your Misery" was able to suddenly catapult them to the next level. Let's just be honest with each other here and I'll confess that it was more about the album's title and artwork (both the cover-art and cover-design were done by Per Spjøtvold) that intrigued me then anything else! And in both cases I really don't have a good explanation as to what draws me to either. Regardless it's the music that matters most so let's talk about that. Vocalist/guitarist Sindre Antonsen leads this group and from the sounds on "Feed on your Misery" (great title by the way!) the band's early Dream Theater/Symphony X comparisons have evolved quite nicely. Earlier I wrote that Divided Multitude were a "progressive metal". At least that is what they have been tagged. It's often times the case that there's so much more to the picture then a simple title can describe. I was lead into a false sense of "well, I believe this will just be another blah progressive metal band", but, truth is, this is some rather HEAVY stuff these guys shred out for the listener. True there are keyboards, but the guitars are heavy and crunchy. Divided Multitude have a splendid progressive power metal vibe that ends up meeting AOR and the heavier side of hard rock for a few shots of ice cold Jägermeister after work. As technical and well-crafted these guys are they know how to throw down some sinister licks and, even if those keyboards do ruin a bit for me, the band flat out rocks! It's not a perfect album, but this is likely to be adored by it's target audience anyway. That is of course if it reaches them. Check this out if heavier progressive/power metal with majestic leads and epic overtones is up your alley.
"progressive metal"

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