Friday, April 26, 2013

Cancrena-Hidden Depravity


Hailing from southern Italy (Bari to be exact) comes Cancrena and their 10-track debut album, "Hidden Depravity". Formed in 2000 the band was said to be initially influenced by the likes of Pantera, Testament and Sepultura although further down the road they seemed to pick up on the southern sounds of groups like Down and Black Label Society. Prior to this release the band put out a few demos, but for all intensive purposes this is the real deal for this band and, if you didn't know they were from Italy, you would almost swear this one came stumbling out of the backwoods of down south, USA. Francesco Morgese leads this 4-piece and, for a band that only has that 4-piece Pantera like line-up (singer, guitarist, bassist & drummer) they sure as hell make a lot of racket! The words "bone crushing heavy" come to mind and that album art above really does a bang-up job of representing the southern-fried, nightmare-inducing dark metal on display here. There's no need for me to get all cute and fancy with words here (as far as describing this one) other than to just say if the idea of a band influenced by both Slayer and Pantera appeals to you then Cancrena are worth tracking down.

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