Friday, April 26, 2013

Current Playlist

It's been awhile since I did a "Current Playlist" update, but I've been trying to get back into the old routine as best as possible. I finally seem to be on the mend from my inner-ear infection which wrecked havoc on all these other aspects of my life (such as missing out on a chance to see Diamond Head live and interview them all in person!) and things have settled down mostly in regards to visiting family and friends. While it was wonderful spending time with old friends and especially my sister and niece things around here were crazy. As I sit here and wonder what life will hold next for me (again I find myself in a holding pattern as far as my disability goes and my inter-personal relationships) I hope to review albums by Cathedral, The Unconscious Mind, Deadlands, Integrity, Noesm, The Resistance and (the) Melvins in the next week or so. In the meantime here is what I've been checking out.

Listening to:
Death-Spiritual Healing
Griffin-Protectors Of The Lair
Witch Cross-Fit For Fight
Metal Masters, Volume One
Berlin-Count Three & Pray
Powertrip-When We Cut, We Bleed
Cloven Hoof-Cloven Hoof
Beholder-The Order Of Chaos (review also coming soon...hopefully)

Old Rock/Video Monthly Videos that were discovered in a box at my house (forgot I even had these still!)
Django Unchained

An Invisible Thread

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