Wednesday, May 01, 2013

BornBroken-The Healing Powers of Hate


I overslept this morning and woke up sick so it seemed fitting that I should check out a sick band like Canada's BornBroken. What makes them sick you might ask? Well, any band that combines the likes of Pantera, early Sepultura, Lamb Of God and Slayer into such a brutal blend of frenzied death/thrash is truly (and beautifully!) sick in my book! This Montreal-based 5-piece act was formed in 2008 with "The Healing Powers Of Hate" acting as their debut-album. With the intense vocal delivery of Jesus Salazar serving as the catalyst BornBroken rips through 10 tracks of insane death/thrash that's meant to be played LOUD! Simon Savard and Mike Decker handle the guitars on "The Healing Powers Of Hate" which, besides being a freakin' cool title for an album, is steeped neck deep in the glorious sounds of yesteryear's great. As mentioned previously, BornBroken's sound echos the early raw style of Sepultura (which was still technical in nature even if it was frenzied) and other like-minded thrash acts of the eighties like Slayer, Testament, Forbidden and Vio-lence. By adding the groove of Pantera, the grit of Hatebreed and the unholy aspects of groups like Lamb Of God they elevate that eighties-inspired brutal thrash into a true blood bath! While the vocals and guitars are spot-on one shouldn't forget about BornBroken's imposing rhythm section. Tommy Vaillacount's bass playing is nothing short of in your face and drummer Jonathan Ménard beats the living daylights out of his kick like he's involved in a mod riot or something! Fact is this band sounds like it is made up of insane metal maniacs that are hell-bent on playing whiplash-style METAL. It's all quite good and, musically at least, sounds like it was custom-built for slam-dancing to your hearts content. Given all of that I'm unable to figure out why a band this good, who have played with a huge chunk of equally good bands*, seems as if they have been flying under the radar? There's no Metal Archives page for this group and none of my fellow writers and/or friends, who are equally as passionate about all things metal, haven't heard of this band. Man, I do hope this review will inspire some of you to check them out. It is a brutal release in and of itself, but if that's not enough incentive then just check out the deluxe packaging picture below! For a self-release these Canadian death/thrashers went all out! Now that is how to issue your debut album!

 This album is recommended for fans of Slayer, Pantera, Hatebreed, (early) Sepultura and Lamb Of God although anyone who just likes crazy intense metal should appreciate this 10-track monster! Check out the link below for more information.

*Bornbroken has played with Stroke of Genius, The Aftermath, Mythosis, Mass Murder Messiah, Anonymus, Omega Crom, Misguided Agression, The Blackcloud Syndicate, Erimha, Forbiden Sin, Resurrection Corpse, Sever the Voices, Social Fiction, Castigare, Shape the Above, Hexfire, Burning the Oppressor, Ancestor’s Revenge, Downtrodden, DopeThrone, Poison Oath, Made up a Reason, Reanimator, Branded by Pain, Death Lullaby, Pronostic, Warsenal, Sykode, Today I Caught The Plague, Virulys, Rusted, Citizen Vicious and Eternal Jugement!!!!!

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