Monday, May 06, 2013

Gauntlet-Break The Chains (Demo)


Gauntlet are a relatively fresh new face in the field of traditional heavy metal. The band hails from Athens, Greece and was formed in July 2012 by guitarist Nick Bardosis. This 4-track demo is the band's first recording and it's worth mentioning that Gauntlet's main drive is "to play heavy metal the closest way it was played in the 80s." In the case of Gauntlet that means influences including Judas Priest, Iron Maiden,Virtue (who I actually hope to cover this week), Shok Paris, Omen and Savatage (among many other similar such NWOBHM bands and eighties cult metal acts). Now it should be noted that "Break The Chains" is just one of a few demos I hope to cover this week that were posted over at my friend Strappado's site: According to some of the notes posted at Strappado's site the band has, from day one it sounds like, had the clear aim to write nothing but original material. Judging by the material on this 4-track demo I'd say that so far they've done well for themselves in that regard. So far being the key words. While the songwriting might need a little work/tweaking in the future, as some of the songs blur together a bit, you can tell there's talent here along with quite a bit of passion. So, hopefully this is a long-term endeavor for this Greek act as the world can NEVER EVER have enough true heavy metal bands! You can check out the demo for yourself at the link below. It's a name your price download while there is also a CD option.

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