Monday, May 06, 2013

Sanktuary-Something Fierce

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The last time we say Sanktuary was in 2011 with the "Tundrastruck" 3-way with split with fellow Canadians Metalian and Black Moor. Now this young band, who were formed in 2007 and also have 2 previously released EPs to their name, take up the battle cry that is traditional heavy metal and ride out for glory! Sanktuary, who have blessed Heavy Metal Time Machine with an interview before (see link below), has shared the stage with such acts as 3 Inches of Blood, Skull Fist, Reanimator, Striker, Blood Ceremony and Savage Blade. The band is lead by guitarist/vocalist Alan Binger whose vocals bring to mind many a great cult eighties heavy metal bands. On "Something Fierce" Alan Binger is backed up in style by bassist Cole Hume, drummer Anders Grasholm and guitarist Glen Emond (who appears to no longer be in the band quite possibly). The members of Sanktuary team up to offer the listener some good, old-fashioned, fist in the air metal anthems that kicks off with the 1:44 minute opener "Dead Prey". As an album opener this cut is damn near perfect. It slowly unfolds moving closer and closer to the listener before Sankturary tear into the explosive cut "Heat Lightning". This Megadeth meets Judas Priest like number is a hard living, fast driving thrasher as is "Thrill Of The Kill". On "Thrill Of The Kill" the band finds comfortable footing in territory previously inhabited by the likes of 3 Inches of Blood and Cauldron. With "Hail The Villain" Sanktuary turns back the clock to a time when bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Dio ruled the land. Taking that foundation the band gives it a shoot of  adrenaline and turns everything up to 11! That's an old Spinal Tap reference for those who don't know, but make no mistake about it this band is nothing if not 100% dedicated to the fine art of kicking ass! "Screeching For Vengeance", while an interesting named number (Priest anyone?) is another "foot on the pedal, let's hit 100 mph guys!" metal thrasher. Somewhere I'd imagine bands like Anvil and Metal Church much be smiling knowing the impact they have had on a generation of young metalheads! One of the album's true highlights is "Beyond The Wall". This number, which serves as a sort of intro for the epic thrasher "Fire In The Sky" is simply the kind of beautiful guitar playing you might have expected to hear out of Metallica way back in the day. When you take the beauty of  "Beyond The Wall" and then follow it up with "Fire In The Sky" (which almost sounds like a mash-up of Judas Priest and Slayer!) you have yourself a true album highlight. Good judgement call guys. That right there is the sign of a band that "gets it". If Sanktuary get's the right kind of press, and word of mouth publicity, and are able to catch a few breaks here in the States (touring-wise, with the right bill, a band like this could explode pretty much over night!) I could see big things for this Canadian outfit. Man, considering all of the great bands coming from our neighbors to the north, Canada is becoming a reliable source of killer heavy metal acts. From bands like Exciter and Anvil (I'm not counting Rush are they are more rock in nature) to new groups like Sanktuary true metal is alive and well on are side of the pound!

For an old interview that Metal Mark did with Sanktuary (as well as a review of their 2010 "Black Metal Brew EP") click on this link! 

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