Friday, May 03, 2013

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Yesterday the metal community lost one of their own. Slayer's Jeff Hanneman was called home and the world seems a little more empty. One of the first shows I ever went to was Slayer and I've long held the belief that they were one of the greatest live acts in all of "metal". I'm so thankful I was able to see them live on numerous occasions. As a friend of mine pointed out Slayer goes back to a time when we were not separated by all of these different sub-genres like death metal, thrash, traditional heavy metal, power metal, etc but instead we were all part of the "heavy metal family". In a real way we all still are as heavy metal unites so many of us. It crosses racial barriers and language barriers. It crosses social boundaries and has created a brotherhood where we are all united together as brothers and sisters. I've always long-shared that the best friends I have ever had were fellow metalheads. No matter whether they be young or old, men or women, musicians or just fans I found a common bound, life-blood if you will. Jeff Hanneman was a part of that bound. He was a part of that creative energy that gave those of us who felt like outcasts, weirdos perhaps, a chance to be accepted for who we were...who we are. After my divorce came criticism from my ex and her new husband that I wrote for a heavy metal website. It didn't matter that I had always put my own children's needs first and was raising them by myself. It didn't matter that I helped out preparing food for homeless shelters or that I taught Sunday School to toddlers. It didn't matter that I had been babysitting a 1 year old since he was a newbie and considered him to be one of my own. I was never one to yell or fight. In fact most people said the opposite of me that I was way too mellow for my own good. No, none of that mattered in their minds as I was judged by my allegiance to the "evil" heavy metal scene. They didn't understand what it was all about just as my own parents never quite grasped it. We all have people life that in our life I'm sure who condone us for listening to that "devil music". They've always been around and, sadly, will always pop up to questions our tastes or lifestyle. Together though we remain untied and are part of a real family. Never let them take that away from you and never feel like you're all alone as this brotherhood will survive. To Jeff, while I never knew you personally, your music touched me and spoke to me at times when I flt all alone and as if the world didn't care. You will be missed, but never forgotten as your music will live on. May you find peace and may those who truly loved you, like the wife you left behind, be comforted in their time of need.
In honor of Jeff and Slayer I will be leaving my playlists empty. Instead I'll be throwing some horns in the air in tribute to one of our own and I'll end with this:


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