Tuesday, May 07, 2013

V8 Wankers-Got Beer?

Steamhammer / SPV

V8 Wankers, obviously not to be confused with the Argentinian heavy metal act V8, is a punk-n-roll/metal outfit from Germany that is "all about classic male topics, such as music, cars, women and beer". Well, obviously they are down with beer, given the album's title track and number "Why Lie I Want A Beer", but the band is also down with seriously rocking the F**K as evident by tracks like "Kick the Bucket". Musically these guys had me thinking about a more punk rock/beer-fueled version of Die Toten Hosen, but really the band, lead by vocalist Lutz Vegas, have hit upon their own sound. The band, who are well-known on the other side of the pond for, among other things their full-body tattoos, much be a real hoot live as their brand of punk n' roll/metal is just flat out FUN. It's refreshing to hear bands like this that just sing what they really feel and about things we all honestly like (especially women and beer!) so, while it might not be the most politically correct of albums (I'm not sure how well a track like "Yeah She's A Bitch" would go over with today's overly uptight crowd!), you'd be hard pressed not too have fun with a cut like "She’s Nitro" (which is dedicated to porn actress Lena Nitro) or not want to the rock out to the surf-rocker
"Frankie’s Tiki Room"!

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