Thursday, May 09, 2013

The Approach and The Execution-"Hymn Of Victory" (Single)



It's hard to fathom, but it's been 2 years already since Cleveland's The Approach and The Execution last released new music. That's 2, yes 2,  L-O-N-G years for fans to have to wait to for new material, but now, with this new single and new line-up in place, this Cleveland 5-piece are marching back into battle with the appropriately named new track "Hymn Of Victory". Since we last heard The Approach and The Execution on tape they've lost a few members, vocalist/Jeremy Richard, keyboardist/vocalists Julie Peterson and drummer Riley Kovac have all excited the group, but they've gained the services of guitarist/vocalist Sam Wilson and drummer Gabe Dickey. All in all it's more then an equal trade. With "Hymn Of Victory" it's more of the same for this Cleveland band. In other words the group's new single is epic power metal by way of melodic death metal and metalcore. While the keyboards that were present on "The Blood March" are somewhat missed, as well as Julie Peterson's lovely vocals, it's more of an adjustment hearing guitarist/vocalist Mike Notte take over for vocalist/guitarist Jeremy. As Jeremy was an extremely capable and charismatic lead man he will obviously be missed. That said, Mike Notte has managed to take the reins quite nicely as evident by this new single. Available as a free download (link below), "Hymn Of Victory" will be just one of the band's 4 new tracks that Clevelanders will get to hear when the band rolls into Peabody's Down Under on Saturday, May 18th. Take it from me the band, who will be playing with Ruled by Reason, Midnight Buford, Black Valor, Vicious Delicious, Beat to Quarters   , always put on a killer show so this one is not to be missed! You can find out more about the band at their Facebook page below and be sure to check out their new single as they are hoping to get 1,000 downloads before Sunday, May 11th!

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