Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Deadiron-Into the Fray

Auburn Records

Three years after the release of "Out of the Rust and Ruin" Cleveland-proud heavy metal/power metal band Deadiron has finally cut lose the reigns that were holding back their long-awaited and (hell to the f**k yeah!) highly-anticipated sophomore album. And while it wasn't easy waiting for the band to finally unveil the new album that we have before us (what with the sneak peak song "Bloodline" having been covered way back on May 1st of 2014!) it is all made worthwhile once you crack open and get your first taste of this album's brilliant starting track, "Cast No Shadow"! Straight out of the gate we find lead vocalist Alexander Van Ness (Brazen Rogues, Hrafnsong, Skullfuckers, ex-Neonatal Death, ex-Victory Flag) ready to rumble and while he was good on the group's 2012 debut-album here on "Into the Fray" he has tapped into something much more than just special. On the reflective "In Memorium" Alexander's voice cuts deeper than previously thought possible and with the band's rapid-fire approach squarely hitting every new target that it encounters  it simply does not get any better than this! As the real voice of Cleveland this five-piece "Bash 'Em and Thrash 'Em" band makes easy work of a classic metal number like "Lady Red" before whipping up a wild frenzy on the punk-infused & Metallica/Slayer-inspired "Travisty"! Preceded by the all-too-brief instrumental "прощай" (proschay) the jagged cut "Travisty" is actually a cover song  from Alexander's former band, Brazen Rogues and when it is followed by the killer "Long Way Home" this album's smooth flow cannot be matched! And speaking of smooth, Deadiron lead guitarist Tyler Harvey (The Plague) provides solos that are epically smooth and sleek and when backed up by CJ Langmack's (sweet) rhythm guitar performances this Ohio band's second full-length release takes a running leap right towards the top of heavy metal's mountain!  With bass guitarist J Bennett (Falling You, Lycia, Midian, Subtle End, Von Isely) and drummer Tom Walling (Degameth, ex-Mo Rage) rounding things out the new and improved Deadiron that is present on "Into the Fray" is second to none! With no dubs in sight, "Into the Fray" excels on every level and whether you are talking about the Judas Priest/Manowar-like title cut or the N.W.O.B.H.M. meets "Ride The Lighting"-era Metallica track "Skies of Gray" (which I love!) it's all good my friends! Even the Volbeat-infused  "Whiskey by the Mound" works better than it has any right to and for Deadiron it's never a question of do we or do we not highlight our influences, but rather how should we properly display our influences so that (above all else) we remain true to ourselves? Whatever thought process goes into the creation of new Deadiron music the result speak for itself! From Iron Maiden to Corrosion of Conformity/Metallica to Alice in Chains the influences remain, but pound for pound this is straight-up Deadiron and that sure as hell does not look as if it's going to change anything soon! Thank God for that! You can find out more about Cleveland's own Deadiron here and be sure to keep your eyes out for an interview that I have planned with the band! This album is stamped with the BRIGHTEST and BOLDEST seal of approval available I have on hand and it easily gets a 9 out of 10 rating from the staff here at Heavy Metal Time Machine! 

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