Monday, March 16, 2015

Saints Trade-Robbed In Paradise

Logic(Il)Logic Records/Andromeda Dischi

This is the second of two really solid promos that I received from my good friends over at Atomic Stuff Promotion and Logic(Il)Logic Records. I covered the first one back on February 26th and while the self-titled Embryo album was all about extreme & melodic death metal (and good extreme metal/melodic death metal at that!) this new one from Saints Trade is Grade A hard rock through and through! First formed in Bologna in 2009, with their first Roberto Priori (Dangerzone) produced min-album, "A Matter Of Dreams", appearing in 2012 to positive reviews, Saints Trade is first and foremost a product of the eighties hard rock scene. Musically-speaking the group's first-full length album here, "Robbed In Paradise", plays like a tribute to the glory days of hard rock with the only differences being A) A overall sound that is much-improved by modern production standards and B) A lack of ozone-killing big hair! 
There's no need to whip out the hairspray for this classy hard rock four-piece!

Otherwise this is one band that is literally soaked to the bone with the sound of radio-friendly 80's hard rock. But you know what? It's all good when it comes to this band and that's simply because they do the job that they were born to do and they do it with such enthusiasm that you can't help but smile at the end results! Even though this hard rock band has seen it's far share of line-up changes you wouldn't know it. If you were just going by the sounds of "Robbed In Paradise" then you would be excused for thinking that this four-piece band featured all original members with ten plus years of experience together! The band's delivery is that smooth and the chemistry on display here simply can't be beat! Comprised of lead singer Santi Libra, guitarist Claus, bass player Matteo Angelini and drummer Joana Lachkova, Saints Trade is aided here on their 11-track debut album once more by the great Roberto Priori. Not only does this Danger Zone member handle this album's glossy production job, but he also contributes guitar duties on "The Game". Also contributing guitar parts is the one and only Tommy Denander (Paul Stanley, Alice Cooper, Toto, Robin Beck, House Of Lords…) and this highly-talented Swedish guitarist makes himself known on the album's third track, "Inside". Along with the stylish keyboard performances from Pier Mazzini (Perfect View) these two guest guitarists merely add to the overall enjoyment of "Robbed In Paradise". For fans of radio-friendly hard rock and even guitar-oriented AOR this album would be a wise pick-up! Find out more either here
on the band's Facebook page or at their official page.

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