Sunday, July 26, 2015

Alan Mair-"Stairway to Hell" Single

IKA Records

With a due date of August 24th, "Stairway to Hell" is the second single from Alan Mair's forthcoming solo album, "Field of One". As a one-time member of The Beatstalkers and The Only Ones*, Alan Mair is already well-known for his ability to create sonically exciting rock and roll and this new single is no exception! It serves as the follow up to his first single "Four Winds" and finds this spunky lead singer joining up with Zal Cleminson (guitars) and Ted McKenna (drums) of the Alex Harvey Band for some good old fashioned garage rock and roll! Written and produced by Mair himself, "Stairway to Hell" also features backing vocals from Emily Wright and while I could try to break down all the groovy goodness of this fun rock number I'd be better off just pointing all of you towards the video below so that you can hear it for yourself! So, sit back, crack this one up and prepare to fall in love with rock and roll all over again!! You can thank me later....

*Scotland’s first ever pop superstars, The Beatstalkers were lovingly dubbed the Scottish Beatles!
Meanwhile The Only Ones gave us the wonderful garage rock/new wave classic "Another Girl Another Planet". This (danceable) hit appears on numerous punk/new wave collections and is well worth hunting for!! 

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