Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sonick Plague-Sonick Plague

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Initially formed in West Virginia in 1984 by Tim Meehan (guitars) and Ken Cuccaro (drums), Sonick Plague is a re-formed and (by all accounts) re-invigorated thrash metal band that now calls hails Connecticut home. This self-titled CD (which can be (and should be) pre-ordered on the band's official website) was originally released back in 1988 on Anthrax Records. At the time it was known as "What’s the Purpose" and it had been released hot on the heels of the band's only other known release, 1987's "Everyone's Got A Disease". Of course that was only a four-track demo and those particular songs eventually ended up "What’s the Purpose" anyway. Sure, Sonick Plague did play with some of metal greatest band's during their all too short time together. After all they shared the stage with Death Angel, Gwar, Pantera and the almighty Voivod! They even played alongside crossover acts such as Ludichrist and Crumbsuckers!! But studio wise? Well, let's face it folks. There just isn't that much there when it comes to the studio history of this band. "And why is that important in the grand scheme of things?" I hear you asking. Well, it's worth mentioning for one reason and one reason only. And that would be the HUGE impact that "What’s the Purpose" would have on the scene! This is raw, crazy good thrash and even in it's re-recorded form here you can hear the influence that Sonick Plague's sound had on a generation of thrash metal bands! They might not get the credit they so rightly deserve, but there's little doubt that Sonick Plague's wild and crazy take on thrash paved the way for many a band to come. This updated (and super slick!) version of the band's debut album was recorded at the legendary Carriage House Studios and finds newcomer Matt Dupre (guitar) joining long-time members Ken Cuccaro, Chuck Crilly (guitar) and Sean Donnelly (bass and vocals). Matt takes over for guitarist Tony Teodoro who sadly passed away in 2012 and Chuck Crilly replaced Tim Meechan on guitar in 1987 . It was the tragic loss of Tony that compelled the original members of Sonick Plague to reunite and with new material in the works this album should do a great job of re-introducing this band to a scene that is always in need of real, unapologetic, take no prisoners and take no shit THRASH! You can check out the album's first single, "My Gun", by heading here and to further understand what I'm talking about when I say how important 1988's "What's The Purpose" be sure to check out the video below!

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