Monday, July 13, 2015

Crazy Fenton-Turn Off The Silence


For those of you who might have overslept and missed out on the news bulletin, Crazy Fenton is the alter ego of Norfolk-based artist/veteran musician Clive Aliker. And just like any other caped crime-fighter this cool super hero comes action-packed with sleek weapons and special powers! But unlike Superman, Spider Man or The Hulk this secret agent of truth, justice and the Norfolk way of life isn't blessed with the ability to fly, outlandish speed or extreme physical strength. And those sleek weapons I talked about? Well, you'd likely never find Batman or Iron Man using them! For you see when it comes to Crazy Fenton's "weapons" we're really talking about his words and his instruments. And instead of otherworldly abilities these special powers come in the form of music that inspires and transforms the listener in a refreshingly bold and bright way! That's the beauty of Crazy Fenton's new album "Turn Off The Silence" and yes, it is real positive news that you can use! Of course it's not like this artist just fell out of the sky into our laps. Keen observers will no doubt have noticed that I covered "Cool Ella" back on the 3rd of July. That particular single served as our initial contact with this amazing artist and now we get to share in the joyous experience that is a full-length Crazy Fenton album! Self-dubbed "Psychedelic space rock pop" (a description which really isn't that far off!) Crazy Fenton would have just been called "alternative rock" or "college rock" back in the day. But now we're saddled with far too many descriptions and specifics to truly enjoy life and the music that it provides. So what would I suggest instead? Besides just sending you straight off to this upbeat album? I'd point out the likes of The B-52's, The Church, Violent Femmes, Wall Of Voodoo, Camper Van Beethoven, XTC, and (early) R.E.M.and say that if you like any of these acts then you should dig Crazy Fenton. Then I would add the likes of (later day) The Beatles and the Beach Boys' classic "Pet Sounds" as other sources of inspiration as well as the early psychedelic rock/pop movement. You take all these different bands and their various styles and mix them up in a big bowl. Toss in a heaping handful of clever wit and stupendous creativity and there you have Crazy Fenton. If this album doesn't make your Monday a little more tolerable then I am afraid that there might not be any hope for you my friend!

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Anonymous Clive Aliker said...

Andy,just a quick message thanking you for the review you gave.
The words you wrote give me the encouragement and self belief to carry on in what can often be a soul destroying endeavour!
I'm genuinely touched by your praise.
Many thanks.

3:48 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Bloody good review in my opinion...keep smashing it Unc!

12:03 PM  

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