Friday, July 03, 2015

Crazy Fenton-"Cool Ella" Single


The brainchild of Norfolk-based artist/veteran musician Clive Aliker, Crazy Fenton is a upbeat psychedelic/garage rock project whose (highly-infectious) sound takes it's cue from sixties rock, seventies punk and eighties new wave. "Cool Ella" is a new single from Crazy Fenton's upcoming album, "Turn Off The Silence", and for those of us who still love (fuzzy & distorted) jingle-jangle garage rock it's a absolute godsend! If the rest of Crazy Fenton's new album is anywhere near as much fun as this single is then we could be looking at a real (golden-oldie) gem in the making! You can watch the new video for "Cool Ella' by heading here and be sure to check back here often as I will try to secure the whole album for review.

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