Friday, June 26, 2015

Interview with New Tenants

New Tenants is a German band that is comprised of Marcus "Jimmy' Nelson (vocals), Marcel Mandl (drums), Pirmin Schall (bass), and Alex Huber (guitar). I recently reviewed their "Unity By Collision " album and now it is my pleasure to share a recent interview that I conducted with the band. Enjoy!

Andy-Thanks for doing this interview with us today. Would you please introduce yourselves and tell us what New Tenants is all about? 

Marcus-New Tenants is a Crossover/Rapcore Band which was founded in Bavaria in the end of 2013. We wanted to show people that the style along the lines of  "Rage Against the Machine" is not gone by a long shot.

Andy-"Unity By Collision" would seem to be the perfect title for your debut album. How did you decide on that? 

Marcus-Metal and HipHop collide in our music-style. And it‘s this collision that brings different groups of people, who usually might not have very much or anything in common, together to have a good time. Therefore = "Unity by Collision"

Andy-I can dig that. Speaking of your debut album (and I guess your overall sound) can I just say it's awesome! It's obviously that you four have a lot of chemistry! Has it been like that since day one? 

All-Well first off...Thank you very much! :) 

Marcus-Pirmin, Alex and Marcel have known each other since pre-school. And when I joined the band in 2013 it instantly clicked and we knew that we were on to something big. So I guess you could say that from the first band practice together there was instant chemistry. 

Andy-Coolness. So how has the reception been for the new album? 

All-The feedback for our first album was overwhelming. We also really enjoy hearing that everybody has their own different favorite song on the album. So it makes us happy that there is something for everybody.

Andy-I would agree with that. What are some of your influences? Both individually and as a group? 

Marcus-Well...trials and tribulations, struggles, overcoming obstacles. You know... Life!!

Marcel-Then there‘s the challenge of combining our favorite sounds and styles (Metal, HipHop, Oldskool,Hardcore) to something that's new.

Andy-I definitely think it's new so I think you nailed that part! What is your local scene like guys? Are there other hip-hop/rap metal bands around or did you set a precedent? 

Marcus-To a certain extent we may have laid the foundation here in Bavaria. We don‘t know of any other groups from around here that make a similar sound or style of music. Which is why we mostly play at Metal and Hardcore-shows.

Andy-On that end who are some of the bands and artist that you've played with and if you had your way what would be the perfect line-up? 

All-One of the best shows we've had till now was our support-show for Dog Eat Dog on their "25th Anniversary Tour". But we also always enjoyed several shows with other bands like the talented Hardcore/Punk Band Coma who are also from Bavaria. The perfect show for us would be the possibility to play as the support band for Limp Bizkit :) We would also love to play on the Vans Warped Tour through North America.

Andy-That would be awesome guys! I mean seeing you here in the states and all!! So, where can fans find out more about you and pick up a copy of "Unity By Collision" for themselves? 

All-Our album is available on every current online music-portal and can also be purchased in our online shop ( But we of course prefer people coming to our shows and grabbing some of our merchandise there personally, giving us the chance to interact with some of the fans. 

Andy-Well, I would certainly recommended that our readers over in Germany do just that! I know I'd be there in a heartbeat if I lived over there!!! Now, I always let artists have the last say so is there anything you'd like to share? Anything we missed?

All-You guys are doing a great job. We really appreciate that you promote and support small and independent bands like us to help get our names out there. Thank you! Keep in mind: SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SCENE!

Andy-I second that! Thanks again guys!!

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