Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Go Primitive-100 Ways

Horus Music Distribution

Produced by Romesh Dodangoda (Kids in Glass Houses, Funeral For A Friend, Twin Atlantic, Motörhead, The Blackout, Bullet For My Valentine, Lower Than Atlantis, Bring Me The Horizon), the forthcoming "100 Ways" is a five track EP from the UK's own Go Primitive. And for those who might not be familiar with that  name yet (with the key word being "YET"), Go Primitive is a guitar-driven four-piece whose commercially-viable sound falls somewhere between alternative rock and traditional heavy rock. Not that there is anything particularly traditional about this band (or for that matter Go Primitive's huge rock riffs and the gnarly way in which they crush everything by way of rippers like "In a Band" and "Save Your Self"!! ). But we'll get to that shortly. For now here's the skinny. Go Primitive is based in Warwickshire, lead by vocalist/guitarist Tomm E Williams and rounded out by Adam White, Dan Teale, and Ben Goodwin. Got that? Good! Now we can talk about this EP in more depth. :Available for pre-order at places like Amazon and iTunes, "100 Ways" opens with the (rock) radio-friendly "Breathe In, Bleed Out" (which you can hear for yourself thanks to it's official video!) and has a run-time of around seventeen minutes. In-between that lead-off single and the album's other radio-friendly number, "What You Pay For", "100 Ways" features other sweet moments like "In a Band", "The Sun Will Rise" and "Save Your Self". Of the EP's five songs my personal favorites would have to be the aforementioned "In a Band" and "Save Your Self". While I don't mind the friendlier vibes of "Breathe In, Bleed Out", "What You Pay For", and (to a lesser extent) "The Sun Will Rise" (with all three songs equally good in their own right!) I do think they sort of pail in comparison to "In A Band" and "Save Your Self". These two numbers are bit rougher around the edge and they seem to lean more towards the alternative/underground side of this band. In a way they are punchier and they almost feel more real. Does that mean the other cuts feel artificial? Absolutely not! I just happen to prefer the edgier side of this band's punch-rock sound. If anything it just adds to the overall dynamite nature of this EP! I'll admit to being more than a little curious as far as what this band can deliver live, but as the first set of studio songs that I've ever heard from Go Primitive I have to say good job! You've hooked me with "100 Ways". What's next? 

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