Friday, June 19, 2015

New Tenants-Unity By Collision


Listen up ladies and gents, boys and girls. Eyes forward and all ears on me. I'm only going to say this once so you bloody well better pay attention! There's something strange in the neighborhood, but there's no need to drop a dime on the Ghostbusters or work yourself up into a frenzy. Instead of all of that messed-up jazz how about we throw down the welcome mat, crack open a couple of cold ones and give a great big welcome to Germany's New Tenants! Why all the mystery and intrigue you might be asking? What's with all the fuss? Well, let's just say that this one's new to me. What we've got here is something that I've never heard before and something that I never thought that I would hear. You see this is crossover rap metal! As in punk, hardcore, heavy metal, and thrash crossed with hip-hop/rap-infused metal. And what's more it's actually good. Yes, I'm shocked myself. Don't get me wrong here. I am fully aware that rap metal isn't a new thing. There's Rage Against The Machine, Clawfinger, Faith No More, Body Count, Kid Rock, P.O.D., and of course the dreaded Limp Bizkit! And I know that there are hundreds more that could sort of fit into that category like 24/7 Spyz, Run DMC (more like rap rock, but you get the picture), Beastie Boys and the whole Anthrax/Public Enemy team-up. New Tenants is different though. For one thing they don't make me want to hurl like Limp Bizkit does. And they are more beefed up than Rage Against The Machine. More then anything though New Tenants bring the ROCK on their full-length debut, "Unity By Collision", and that ROCK is neatly nestled inside the kind of heavy metal that justifiably acknowledges the lifeblood of both punk and thrash. Self-financed and self-released, "Unity By Collision" caught me off guard with a wicked left hook and by the time I came to my senses I suddenly realized that I was knee-deep in the groove and my face was completely covered up by the gravel of this street-legit four-piece! I can see fans of Rage Against The Machine really digging this, but here's the thing kids. I'm not in that crowd and never have been. Ever so I love what these guys are all about because A) The instrumentation of this album is tight! These guys know how to rock hard and the guitar playing on "Unity By Collision" is second to none! B) The songs are well-written and this album has a nice flow to it. C) The band's front-man is solid. His rhymes are actually enjoyable and his style messes perfectly with the music at hand. D) This band comes across as honest and sincere. The guys in New Tenants actually sound as if they are real and approachable. I'd wager to say you could sit and have beers we've these guys and it would be righteous. And finally you actually get a sense of integrity here. Add all of that together and you've got a band that is likable. And it just so happens that this likable band plays sick heavy FREAKING metal over top of which they like to add touches of hip hop and rap. It's a weird crazy thing, but friends I totally dig it. Maybe you will too! 

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