Sunday, June 14, 2015

From Another Planet-An Ever-Changing Perspective


Hailing from my home state of Ohio, From Another Planet is a heavy & harsh progressive metal/metalcore band that (as of 2014) is fronted by Michael Leone of Arise The Titan fame. Formed in 2009 by long-time friends Jesse Mitten (drums, percussion), Marcus White (bass, vocals) and Nick Davisson (guitar), with the recently-released "An Ever-Changing Perspective" serving as the group's full-length debut, From Another Planet has endured it's fair share of line-up changes since first coming together all those years ago. These days the band is rounded out by second guitarist Shayne DePugh and (collectively) one couldn't ask for a tighter unit than this! Not that such chemistry is unwarranted or unexpected (what with Davidson, Mitten, and White having first jammed together way back in junior high!), but it's still worth mentioning considering the relatively-new status of vocalist/lyricist Michael Leone. On "An Ever-Changing Perspective" the crazed Michael Leone provides often-times BRUTAL death metal growls that should be all-too familiar to Arise The Titan fans. His amped-up voice fits in perfectly with this band's aggressive style and even when this metallic lot is dabbling with melodic passages there's nothing stopping From Another Planet's crushing landslide of a sound! Inspired by the likes of  Between the Buried & Me, Scale the Summit, Periphery, Explosions in the Sky, and The Contortionist (with more of an emphasis on that first lot!) this Ohio band is certainly a product of their influences. There's no use in arguing that fact. But, here's the kicker. This isn't the same band that appeared on the 2012 debut EP, "Believe". And no, we're not talking about line-up wise. Put "Believe" next to "An Ever-Changing Perspective" and you'll notice how much this band has come into their own. There is a lot of growth and maturity to be witnessed between these two releases and with the band's new album all the more atmospheric and technically-sound any particular points of reference should be viewed as a positive step forward for this five-piece wrecking crew! Track in and track out "An Ever-Changing Perspective" lives up to the full potential of it's name. It follows the single "Release" and this recommend full-length feature never stops impressing thanks to tech-savvy passages and heavy slamming riffs that rattle your rib cages! If you're looking for an example of Ohio metal at it's finest then look no further! From Another Planet makes me even more proud to be a Buckeye and like I've said a hundred times before you can stack our metal scene up to the best of them as we've got talent to spare! Needless to say you are going to want to snag a copy of this one!

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