Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Ghost Next Door-The Ghost Next Door

Mausoleum Records

The Ghost Next Door is a California four-piece that features former Skinlab member Gary Wendt* within it's ranks. The self-titled "The Ghost Next Door" is the long-awaited debut album from this reformed and restrengthened quartet whose long list of influences range from the likes of Rush, Tool and Pink Floyd to bands such as Alice In Chains, Metallica and Machine Head. In addition to Gary Wendt (vocals and guitars) this Berkley-based group features Aaron Asghari on guitar, Seanan Gridley on bass, and Paula Sisson on drums and on the band's new album they blend together elements as diverse as post-rock and Bay Area thrash! With a sound that is as spooky as the album's artwork and the band's name** suggests, "The Ghost Next Door" actually played out well for everyone within earshot of the promo's initial streaming. While I loved the album's overall heaviness and it's adventurous take on melancholy metal the teenagers that dwell within my household were drawn to it's riff-rock underbelly and the post-grunge/nineties alternative rock construction job that held it all together. Each and everyone of us took something unique away from the music of The Ghost Next Door and even though they might have been vastly different experiences they were all distinctly positive. For all that I have in common with these teens musically (a shared love for eighties rock for example) it should nonetheless be mentioned that the kids and I have vastly different tastes when it comes to today's music scene. So the fact that we can all agree upon something like "The Ghost Next Door" is amazing! But, when you have this cool alternative heavy metal/thrash/modern metal band that is drawing from everyone from Catherine Wheel to Jane's Addiction to Iron Maiden, Randy Rhodes and then even Killing Joke it does make sense how we can all find something to love about this release!! Such diversity on the part of The Ghost Next Door is far from accidental. Each and every member of this Berkley-based band brings something different to the party. Or as the band's Facebook page puts it: "Each member brings unique influences from across the modern music spectrum: from punk to jazz, progressive metal to sadcore, modern rock to thrash. Their influences and playing styles combine into meter-bending, riff-driven rock & roll breaking out from under the bare skin of abrasively honest lyrics". All of which makes this clever album a easy thing to recommend. Need a little extra encouragement? Well, be sure to check out the official video for "Eleven O' Clock Blues" then! You can thank me later!!!!


*A founding member of  Sacrilege B.C. and Release, Gary Wendt grew up in the Bay Area and over the years this talented guitarist has developed his own unique style of playing. 

** When Gary Wendt found out that the house next door to him was supposedly haunted he decided to name his new band The Ghost Next Door.

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