Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Caustic Method-The Virus

Pavement Entertainment

Active since 2003 or so, Caustic Method is a modern metal band that hails from New York State and is comprised of Matt Caustic, Darin Scott, Eric Maliszewski, and Angel Rivera. "The Virus" is Caustic Method's latest release and from what I've been able to gather this 10-track album combines a similarly-titled EP from last year with new material. This also looks to be the first full-length album from these U.S. metallers who list band's such as Machine Head, Meshuggah, Hed(PE), American Head Charge and the only and only Down as their influences. That being said, Caustic Method hasn't been sitting on their hands this whole time! After all we are talking about a band that has not only shared the stage with the likes of Korn, Disturbed, Otep, Biohazard, Nashville Pussy, Sevendust, Drowning Pool, Skindred, Toxic Holocaust, and even Cypress Hill! Not only that, but Caustic Method has also played out live with several of their (perceived) musical influences (American Head Charge, Hed(PE), and Machine Head) as well as actual influences (Hatebreed, Ringworm, and Mushroomhead)!! With "The Virus" you get the sound of one rather brutal band that has obviously honed their skill to near perfection thanks to all those live dates! We could do a track by track breakdown, but I'll spare you all of that and in it's place I'll just point out the obvious conclusions that one gets having played this all the way through. And that would be A) These guys are the real deal and B) This album is the shit!!!! First and foremost fans of Hatebreed should devour this record in one bite! But then again so will anyone who likes their modern metal crunchy and hardcore-infused!! This album is every-bit as dark and serious as the artwork suggests (if not more so!) and for Caustic Method it is a damn fine way to introduce yourself to the heavy metal community at large. "The Virus" is a keeper friends and it's also another great example of why New York has one of the best metal scenes around. To put it mildly, "The Virus" is one deadly infection that I wouldn't mind getting! 

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