Friday, June 26, 2015

Video Beast-Gooch


Produced, recorded and mastered by Mike Gevaza at Continental Recording Studio in Long Island City, New York, "Gooch" is the latest release from the mythological cryptid known as Video Beast. The album follows in the footsteps of a 2014 demo, "Seasons Greetings From Video Bitch EP", and it finds this unknown oddity grooving it's way through ten tracks of golden delicious post-punk! For a sample taste you can check out the video for the album's lead single, "Chimp Strength", right below this brief review. But as good as "Chimp Strength" is (it's oh so gooey!) you really should experience it in it's natural environment. In other words, "Gooch" should be consumed whole! So, why not slap on a bib, grab your favorite cocktail and head on over to Video Beast's bandcamp page right now? You've got nothing to lose (other than time) and much to gain! You can thank me later. 

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