Saturday, February 27, 2016

Saturday Single: Righteous Reprobates-We Go With What We Know


Due for release on April 15th, 2016, "We Go With What We Know" is a upcoming single from one of UK's latest rock and roll discoveries, Righteous Reprobates. Based in London & Kent and comprised of Rob White (guitar, vocals), Jack Griffiths (guitar, vocals), Jack Collier (bass), and Charlie Kenny (drums) this up-and-coming four-piece offers up a distinctive take on rock and roll that is all at once heartfelt and heroic. Influenced by not only the current state of British rock, but by the classic rock and pop legends of the 60s & 70s and Britpop acts like Oasis and Blur, Righteous Reprobates combines the old with the new on this catchy single as witnessed by heading here.With a full-length album due for release in very near future this young and hip quartet could make a real difference in not only the UK, but worldwide! Here's hoping their new/debut album (which was incidentally recorded with the help of Grammy winning Sean Magee at Abbey Road studios of all places!) is even half as good as "We Go With What We Know"....

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