Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Fear Theories-The Predator

Crime Records

Fear Theories is a traditional/power metal quartet that hails from Karmøy/Haugesund (Norway) and has been active since 2010. The band is comprised of rhythm guitarist/vocalist Andreas Tjøsvoll, lead guitarist Ole Sønstabø (Einherjer, ex-Hillbilly Blitzkrieg), bassist Joakim Antonsen and drummer Brage Nygaard and sound-wise this recently-released full-length album picks up where their 2013 debut EP, "So It Begins", left off. Musically-speaking this Norwegian band is all but a reflection of their various influences which include not only bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, but anyone & everyone from Halloween to (mid-period) Metallica! Speaking of the "Kill Em' All" ladies, rhythm guitarist/vocalist Andreas Tjøsvoll sometimes sounds like a beefier (and WAY tougher!) James Hetfield while other times he just sounds a bit too rough & raw.  Then again so does the overall mix on Fear Theories' first album so maybe it's not just the vocals that this Norwegian band has in common with the turds in Metallica! Just like on "...and Justice For All" you can play the game "where's the bass?" with Fear Theories' "The Predator" and for a band that lists Motörhead as one of their primary influences that just isn't good! Despite the fact that this album is being put out on Crime Records the band Fear Theories is still unsigned so poorly mixed recordings like this one are not going to help out that cause. Even so, Fear Theories is a band that I can't help but get behind. With a proper budget and the right kind of producer (ie: one that pushes this band while also playing to their strengths) this four-piece could really put out one hell of a heavy metal release. While they are not quite their in no way would I throw in the towel! All these guys need is few touch ups here and there and we could be looking at another solid Norwegian metal band! 

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