Thursday, March 17, 2016

American Head Charge-Tango Umbrella

Napalm Records

"Tango Umbrella" is the forth full-length album from American Head Charge. It follows the 2013 EP, "Shoot", and it arrives 11 years(!) after the release of the band's last full-length recording, "The Feeding". Having heard "The Feeding" I can safely say that "Tango Umbrella" follows a similar path in that it combines hard rock/heavy metal, N.W.O.T.H.M., nu metal, Pantera-like groove metal, and industrial metal into something that is hard as f**K and tens times as freaky! This Minneapolis, Minnesota-based band has always flown slightly under that radar so there's no way of telling whether or not "Tango Umbrella" is the kind of record that is finally going to break them into the mainstream, but either way this is the right kind of album to break stuff to! Due out later this month, "Tango Umbrella" is American Head Charge at their fiercest so fans had better be prepared for a drop-dead serious throw down!


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