Monday, March 14, 2016

Free Metal Monday: Happy Metal Annihilation Vol. 5

How's this for a Free Metal Monday offering? This fantastic sampler from Asher Media Relations (which was actually released back on December 11, 2015) features a grand total of 51 tracks! That's right friends. Asher Media Relations' holiday sampler "Happy Metal Annihilation Vol. 5" has fifty one songs on it making it nothing short of EPIC! I'm not sure how it is that I managed to miss it the first time around, but either way here it is and it is nothing short of AMAZING! Available as a free download, "Happy Metal Annihilation Vol. 5" starts off with Accursed Spawn's "Clotheshanger Abortion" and then works it's way through a impressive track list before ending with the XUL cut "Orbit of Nemesis". In-between these two numbers there is something for everyone as far as metal tastes go so if you are looking for a cool playlist to get you through the work week ahead then this is it my friends!

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