Saturday, March 12, 2016

Saturday Singles: Helleborus-Coils


Helleborus is a two-piece melodic black metal/death metal band that hails from Manitou Springs, Colorado and takes it's name from a poisonous flower that blooms in Winter. The group is comprised of vocalist/lyricist Wyatt Houseman (Akhenaten, ex-Execration) and multi-instrumentalist/producer Jerred Houseman (Akhenaten, Bohemian Grave, ex-Execration) and from what I've been able to gather these two brothers will release their debut album, "The Carnal Sabbath", sometime in the very near future. The interesting single "Coils" was released last year and this well-constructed & downright intriguing number should easily appeal to fans of Satyricon as well as those fine folks who like there blackened death metal to be melodic and doom-laden to the core! Be sure to follow this up-and-coming black metal band as I have no doubt that they will be going places! You can head here to check out there Facebook page.

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